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B-Sign – secure electronic signing of the contractual documents.

Secure electronic signing of the contractual documents using a dynamic biometric measurement of four values at parcel delivery.

The new B-Sign service enables secure processing of the contractual documents sent together with goods without sending print documents.  The recipient shall sign an electronic version of the contract to the courierʼs tablet at delivery of the consignment. The sender receives the signed document on the same day.


  • Secure form to send documents.
  • Efficient, advantageous and safe solution for signing the contractual documents without using paper.
  • Faster processing of your parcels, the signed electronic documents return to the sender on the day of delivery of the consignment.
  • Saving the costs on printing the contractual documents.


Introducing of the new technology increases personal data safety and comfort both for recipients and senders at delivery of the contractual documents. Before signing, recipient opens the consignment on the tablet by entering the PIN and then all documents are biometrically signed and re-locked. On the same day they are already available for download for the sender.

The introduction of a new service enables faster processing of the parcels and archiving of the electronically signed documents. Larger companies for which the service B-Sign has been especially prepared, shall record significant savings in costs on printing the contractual documents.



At signing the contractual documents on the tablet, the technology scans four key parameters:


The used technology provides even more options. It can check the authenticity of a signature and compare it with a reference signature database. In the case of the senderʼs interest, making the photos of the documents belonging to the recipient signing the documents is possible.

With delivery of the consignments of this type the recipient shall receive in advance the SMS notification informing about delivery and possibility to change the delivery date or address. On the date of delivery of the consignment he is re-contacted and via SMS notified of an exact hour when a courier shall deliver the consignment.


DPD is the first courier company which can provide its customers with this type of service. Its introduction reaffirmed the DPDʼs position of the most innovative courier company on the market.