Air quality right at your doorstep

Air quality monitoring programme

DPD-Sustainability-Air-Quality-Programme DPD-Sustainability-Air-Quality-Programme

Air quality right at your doorstep

Air quality monitoring programme

Across the world, communities are demanding cleaner air. We recognized we were in a unique position to help. Using next generation lasers, our delivery fleet, Pickup points and depots monitor PM 2.5 air pollution levels in real time. The comprehensive data enables authorities to design a unique low emission zone in the heart of the city.

How ?


Every 12 seconds our sensors collect real time data


Data will be available so citizens can view air quality on their doorstep


Expanding to 20 cities across Europe by 2021

DPD measures air quality and makes measurement data public

A free tool with insights showing the air quality at your doorstep

For the first time residents of Antwerp, Brussels and Gent can access the data on air quality outside their front door and also at any other location in the city. Laser-based sensors on approximately 100 vehicles of the delivery fleet as well as DPD's Pickup parcelshops and depots provide the data in real time. The big advantage: the data is public and can be accessed by anyone.

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