What is Predict? How is the private consignee informed?

If you use the Predict service, DPD will inform the private consignee in advance about the day on which the parcel is scheduled for delivery. If the day in question is not convenient, the consignee can change the day anywhere up to one hour prior to delivery. All the consignee has to do is follow the link in the notification (SMS or email) sent by DPD in order to change the delivery date.

The consignee can have the date and address of delivery changed and

  • collect the parcel from their nearest Pickup parcel shop,

  • have it delivered on a different day,

  • have it delivered to a different address, or

  • have it deposited at a safe location.

On the day of delivery itself, the consignee will be informed by email or SMS of the one-hour time window in which the parcel will arrive.