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General and special conditions

Find out more about our general conditions, that are applicable for all shipments, without prejudice of special conditions for certain products on national and international level.

You can find the description of our services and products under the section ‘’Products and Services” and “Shipment”.

Here below you can find the general and special conditions for specific products:

  • General Conditions (crossborder shipments) (468,65 kB)
  • Appendix 2 (19,80 kB)
  • General and Special Conditions (470,01 kB)
  • Express Services (188,30 kB)
  • CBA* (130,56 kB)
  • Pickup (229,60 kB)
  • DPD Freight* (289,83 kB)

*We are sorry for the inconvencience. This document exists only in Dutch and French.

  • General Conditions DPD Web Parcel & Pickup (354,08 kB)


For additional explanations and info regarding our services and conditions, kindly contact your DPD depot.