Cookies used on the DPD website

Cookies are small files containing data that enable DPD to store and analyse specific information on the preferences of DPD website visitors during their visit. If you grant your consent to their processing, cookies will download to your device when you visit the website. In the following visits of DPD website the cookies will be recognised thanks to which the browser will remember your specific settings, or send a tailor-made content corresponding to your user preferences. The data generated by cookies include anonymised IP address of the website visitors and they are transferred to the servers of the service providers listed below. These servers are located in the EU or the USA and they are fully compliant with the legal regulations. The service providers may provide this information to Third Parties only if it is permitted within the applicable legal regulations. Overview of types of cookies DPD uses on its website a. Cookies necessary for the website operation There are certain settings that are necessary for the mere functionality of the website. These settings do not contain any specific information about the user. This also hold true of the cookies that collect data on user preferences of the website visitors which, however, do not allow for identification of the person and therefore regulations of personal data protection do not apply to them. b. Cookies containing specific user settings These are cookies for saving data on the settings of individual users on the website. They make the use of the website more comfortable and more efficient for the users. These cookies do not record or monitor any activities of the users during their visit of the website. c. Remarketing These cookies collect data on the preferences of the users during their search and based on that they adjust their marketing communications to the interest of the users. The purpose of this processing is to provide the user with content corresponding to his/her potential preferences, which again helps to enhance comfort for the users. The cookies remember that the user has visited the website and then share this information with other entities providing the internet services. What service providers do we use for the above purposes? For running cookies and achieving the purpose for which they are used, we engage the following services:
  • services operated by Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The types of cookies by Google are listed at the following link:
  • services operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA. These services concern only those users who have a Facebook account. The principles of cookies processing by Facebook are available at the following link:
How the user may block the use of cookies at the DPD website The users may block the cookies to be downloaded to their devices, or they can delete the cookies at any time. As the manner thereof may differ depending on the browser, type of device, etc., we recommend proceeding in line with the instructions given directly by the producers of the products that the users employ. Detailed information on how to proceed can be easily obtained by entering “how to delete cookies” into any kind of internet search engine. Also, users can block collection and use of the cookies in individual services as instructed by the individual service providers, e.g.: Google   Facebook