How can I file a complaint about a damaged or lost parcel?

The complaint about a parcel can be filed only by the sender who is the payer of the transport. Did you receive a damaged parcel or when you opened the parcel, you found out it was damaged by transportation? We are very sorry for that. Here you can find the steps to take in such situations so that everything is settled as fast as possible. The transport packaging is visibly damaged or deformed. If the courier brought you a parcel in a damaged packaging, you have every right to refuse it. You can also receive it and fill in the Damage Report form with the courier (if it was not drawn up already in the depot) and check if its content is not damaged. If the goods are damaged, you can return the parcel directly to the courier and then contact the sender to process the complaint. The transport packaging is all right, but the content of the parcel is damaged. If you find out that the content of the package is damaged, fill in the Damage Report form at within seven days at the latest, or contact directly the sender of the parcel to process the complaint.