My customer has received a damaged parcel. How should I proceed?

If the parcel is visibly damaged, or if the consignee opens it in presence of the courier and finds out that the delivered goods are damaged, the consignee will draw up the Damage Report together with the courier. We will inform you (being the sender) about the damaged parcel and you will then agree on the compensation or money refund with the consignee on your own.

If the consignee finds out about the damage only after the courier has left, the consignee is obliged to fill in the Damage Report within two weeks after the parcel delivery, or to ask you (being the sender) to fill it in. The complaint settlement will again depend on your individual agreement with the consignee.

Even unpleasant complaints will be dealt with pleasantly at DPD. You can find more information at

Download the instructions on “How to claim for damage to my parcel?”