Because we place customer satisfaction at the heart of our organization, we have developed quality processes to meet all your requirements.


Certified quality

DPD closely studies your requirements and sets itself high service and quality objectives. In order to continuously improve the quality management system, we are implementing processes to verify quality data.
ISO 9001 certification is a guarantee of international recognition of the efficiency of our organisation and processes.



Compliance with good practices

We have set up, for you professionals of the Health sector, DPD Médical, a specific offer reinforcing all the controls traditionally implemented by DPD for the routing and delivery of its parcels.
Because health is not a service like any other, Certipharm V.7.1 certification is proof that we comply with good drug distribution practices.


Certified environmental management

Transparent and aware of the important challenge of reducing our impact on the planet, DPD takes its responsibility for the environment seriously. We have set ourselves demanding and measurable environmental objectives to be achieved through a series of actions within our company. This voluntary approach has made it possible to identify the significant environmental impacts caused by the agencies' activities, to proceed with the necessary compliance measures and to confirm the positive consequences of the actions implemented to reduce the environmental footprint of each site. 19 of our branches in France are ISO 14001 certified.


Compliance with good practices

The AEO certification is one of a system that reinforces the level of protection offered by customs controls, for goods entering or leaving the territory of the European Union. Obtaining this certification in July 2014 validated our safety management system implemented by the Quality Department in conjunction with the Operations Department.