Your order doesn't meet your expectations?
You can easily return it by following these steps

call center

Check the availability of returns

Before returning your parcel, ask your sender if the returns option is available for your order. Your sender will tell you how to download the return label, which can be obtained directly from our website.


Prepare your parcel

Prepare your parcel, taking care to wrap your goods securely to protect them during transport. Next, print out the return label and stick it on the parcel, removing any labels previously stuck on. The parcel is now ready to be dispatched.

Pickup point

Drop off your parcel

Take your parcel to one of our 8,500 Pickup parcelshops and we'll take care of the rest. You can search for the nearest Pickup parcelshops via the link below.

Ready to return your order ?


Easy parcel returns

Download your Return label from our website and prepare your parcel. You can drop it off at one of our 10000 Pickup parcelshops.

Find a parcelshop or DPD depot

Find a parcelshop or DPD depot

E-commerce merchants, offer your customers an easy returns solution


Returns time

Once the parcel has been dropped off by the consumer at a Pickup parcelshop, it will be returned to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Sendungsverfolgung -DPD- e-Commerce


Your return parcels benefit from the same level of tracking as your outbound parcels. Tracking information solutions focused on your return parcels are available.


Normalised standards.

Our automated processes ensure a high level of quality in the handling of your parcels.

3 ways to use DPD Retour

  • Prepared return: the outbound and return labels are printed at the same time, shipper places the return label inside the parcel
  • Return on demand: the return label is downloaded by the consumer from our website
  • Reverse return: the shipper generates the label via Webservice and makes it available to the consumer by e-mail or direct link

DPD Retour standards

The maximum dimensions and weight accepted for the return of parcels via our Pickup network.

DPD Retour standards

Normes Retour Normes Retour

The maximum dimensions and weight accepted for the return of parcels via our Pickup network.