Be careful, fraudulent messages pretending to be from DPD may be sent to you

December 2021: Ongoing SMS scam

At the end of 2021, a widespread SMS scam using DPD's image is exposing you to fraud attempts.

The SMS tells you that a DPD parcel is waiting at an import centre and invites you to click on a link to a website impersonating DPD, usually:,, or

DPD expressly points out that this is a misuse of the DPD brand and an attempt at fraud. Please do not respond to this request and do not follow any links in the SMS or e-mails. Do not comply with any request for additional payment for a delivery made by DPD France. DPD assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by such attempted fraud.

Only reply to emails sent by DPD France

Be careful with the sender address and do not click on the links of an email you do not know the origin.

Emails sent by DPD France end with, or
Any other ending of the origin address indicates that it is not a DPD France email.

We also never ask our customers to pay remotely and do not ask for any credit card number.

If you suspect a suspicious message, do not hesitate to inquire and report this scam via these links:

Be vigilant when receiving a text message

How to recognize a text message from DPD France?

The parcel number or the name of the sender (failing that of DPD France) is provided in the SMS.
DPD France notices do not contain a telephone number requesting for a call back.

And always ask yourself the question: am I expecting a parcel?

Do not respond to requests for payment

Some shippers and consignees have received fake SMS or emails asking them to pay for insurance, for taxes, or an additional service in order to complete the delivery of a parcel.

These scams often take the form of a SMS or an email using DPD's graphic codes and ask you to pay by credit card or via prepaid coupons to be sent to an unofficial email address.

DPD France will never ask you for additional payment to ensure the delivery of your parcels.

To protect yourself from this type of scam, please pay special attention to the sender email address. It must end with,,, or

Do not call back premium rate numbers

Telephone messages have been received by our customers asking them to call back a surcharged number.
This is not our Customer Service number.

The DPD France Customer Service number is +33(0)9 70 80 85 66 (non surcharged call).

The numbers offered on the Internet or telephone connection services, where the call is billed by the minute, do not correspond to the official number of DPD France.

Do not divulge your credentials

Some customers have been contacted by telephone by individuals claiming to be DPD France in order to obtain your account number and its identifiers. Never give out this information, it is strictly confidential and personal.