6. December 2021 | News releases

La Palma: DPD France supports families affected by the volcano eruption

The Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma has been erupting for more than two months, causing extensive material damage. More than 6,000 families have lost their homes or can no longer access them. In addition to this, there is the economic impact on their way of life and of course the lack of tourism, the main source of activity on the island.

In order to help the local population and support the reconstruction projects on the island, the SEUR Foundation, a Spanish subsidiary of Geopost, has decided to make a donation of 5 cts per parcel for all shipments made during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
DPD France is joining this solidarity movement by contributing 1 ct per parcel for all shipments during these days.

These donations will be donated to the Red Cross and Caritas and will be used to organise leisure activities for children and young people affected by the eruption, to provide food and to help rehouse families affected by the disaster.

We at DPD France are proud to participate in this solidarity action for our Spanish neighbours.

Crédits photo © mukilp22 - stock.adobe.com