le drive

A forerunner in the transport sector, DPD France is the first player to offer since 2016 a "Drive" parcel pick-up and drop-off service, based on the very concept of Drives that we can use on a regular basis (Hypermarkets, etc.).

Thanks to the Pickup Drive service implemented in several of our agencies, we offer your consignees a new and innovative customer experience by allowing them to pick up their parcels in their vehicle when they visit the depot.

Eligible for all parcels, the Pickup Drive network currently includes 7 equipped branches and will soon be extended to other facilities in the DPD France network.

Come and test our Drive service in our depots in Trappes (078), Rennes (035), Rodez (081), Limoges (087), Fresnes (094), Riorges (042) and Billy Berclau (062).



See images of the complete journey of a Pickup Drive parcel, from the preparation of the parcel by the sender to delivery in a DPD France depot equipped with a Pickup Drive area, and the collection of the parcel by the consignee :