Our carbon neutral approach is built on three key actions: measure, reduce, offset.

We measure our greenhouse gas emissions, strive to reduce these emissions through concrete actions, and offset the remaining emissions by supporting two projects related to renewable energy production with our new partner CO2logic.

Find out more about these two initiatives in India and Brazil below.

offset project bw

3 wind energy sites in India: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Lake, Khandke Taluka
41 wind turbines financed, for an annual production of green electricity of 41424 MWh supplying more than 36,000 Indian citizens per year, replacing the traditionally used fossil fuels which cause high CO2 emissions.

Other related projects carried out around the wind energy sites work to improve local living conditions: access to healthcare and medicine, skills development and empowerment of women, education and access to books and magazines for many children.

biomass bw

A thermoelectric power station in Brazil: Salvador de Bahia
The objective is to capture the methane generated by landfilled waste and burn it to produce clean electricity.Our support contributes to the operation of a biogas turbine, producing 4019 MWh of electricity per year to supply 1,340 Brazilian citizens.

The project has contributed to the elimination of 30 points of waste accumulation in the city, to the preservation and restoration of green spaces and to the sensitisation of local communities and especially children to the environment.


We are proud to support projects that benefit the environment as well as local communities.