In order to contribute on our own scale to the protection of biodiversity, we have initiated a number of actions, on our sites and with our partners


Installing beehives – winged residents for DPD France sites
In order to contribute to the protection of bees and support local beekeepers, in 2018 we initiated a partnership with Ecobee aimed at installing beehives on our operational sites.
Today we have more than 53 beehives spread all over France. 420kg of honey was harvested in 2020 to the delight of our employees and customers.

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Use of eco-grazing for the maintenance of green spaces
Eco-grazing is a solution for the ecological maintenance of natural areas through the grazing of herbivorous animals, sheep in this case.Today we have five sites that use this solution for the maintenance of their green spaces, mainly with Ushant sheep.To find out more about the partner association Ecomouton:


Planting of melliferous trees
At the end of 2019, our support for the Ecotree association enabled us to strengthen DPD France's commitment to bee protection, through the planting of 150 plants of melliferous species within hedges in the Mariaker forest in Brittany. These hedges separate young forest plantations from the roadside. The mission of the latter is to encourage the arrival of pollinators and promote biodiversity in general.To find out more about the association: