We are aiming to be an employer of choice and to offer all its employees a respectful and ethical environment.

DPD France’s Mission Handicap

Mission handicap Mission handicap

DPD France’s Mission Handicap

Our Mission Handicap initiative, supported by the company's Human Resources and CSR departments, is part of this approach.

Our Mission Handicap aims to promote the recognition and improvement of the working conditions of the company's disabled employees, and to encourage the recruitment of disabled workers.

To this end, and in partnership with Agefiph*, DPD France launched an action diagnostic in April 2020.
This is a comprehensive analysis of our situation with regard to the employment obligation of disabled workers.
This analysis will enable us to create a dynamic by raising awareness and mobilizing all employees, as well as formalizing a concrete action plan to facilitate the transition to action for DPD France. This action-diagnosis is carried out by an external partner commissioned by Agefiph.

Mission Handicap and our other social actions will keep their full meaning for us at the end of the current health epidemic, in response to an increased need for solidarity. It is our duty, as a company essential to the smooth functioning of the country, to meet these challenges for the inclusion of all.

*Agefiph: Association de GEstion du Fonds pour l'Insertion des Personnes Handicapées, or Association for the Management of the Fund for the Integration of Disabled People