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Air pollution is a major health risk for everyone.

As part of its DrivingChange CSR commitments, Geopost is acting in Europe in favour of the community and making a positive contribution to a better quality of the air we breathe, especially in urban areas.

To this end, Geopost has launched an air quality measurement program with the Pollutrack sensor system, which analyzes fine-grained particles called PM2.5 in real time. These fine particles are among the most harmful pollutants, capable of crossing physiological barriers, invading for example the bloodstream. By providing unique and very valuable information on the quality of the air that all citizens breathe, Geopost aims to develop a privileged relationship with each of its customers and partners, and make a positive contribution to the city.

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Involvement of DPD France in the Pollutrack program


  • 100 Pollutrack mobile sensors are now installed on DPD France delivery vehicles that travel in Paris

  • 3 fixed sensors also equip our Parisian depots

Each sensor measures the PM level every second. In addition, each time a mobile sensor passes near a fixed station, both data - mobile and fixed - are duly compared and verified for accuracy.

The data we collect from our drivers' rounds allows the Paris City Council and the inhabitants of the capital to know the level of pollution and PM 2.5 particles around them, and thus to make the best decisions for everyone's health.

For example: reduce their speed during a pollution peak, or postpone their jogging to the next day.

To go further ...


Measuring is essential to understand the problem. At DPD France, we want to go further and have decided to gradually replace our traditional diesel delivery vehicles with alternative vehicles that are more respectful of our environment: electric, natural gas, etc.

We are going to reinforce this dynamic, which is already well underway in Paris, by extending it to other French urban areas, where possible given the specific constraints associated with these vehicles.

Our ambition by 2025 is to supply 50 major French cities with 100% low-emission vehicles.

To learn more, discover here our commitment to limit the impact of our activity on our environment by ensuring more responsible deliveries.