Certificates and licenses

DPD Sertifikāti un atļaujas DPD Sertifikāti un atļaujas

Certificates and licenses

In order to provide daily work of DPD Latvija in high quality, respect the environment and carry out entrepreneurial activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, SIA DPD Latvija has a certified management system according to international standards.

Quality management system standard LV EN ISO 9001:2015

Defines the quality management principles, that allows the company to develop systematically and continuously, improve their management, decision making, process management system, customer service, and internal work environment. This standard is the basis for the company's successful development.

Environmental management system standard LV EN ISO 14001:2015

The company's certification according to ISO 14001 indicates the company's support to environmental protection, including clean technologies and materials for use in business.

In order to provide fast and reliable shipment processing, SIA DPD Latvia has received the following licenses:

SRS CO AEO certificate

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) which meets World Customs Organization security and safety criteria is considered to be a secure and safe partner in the supply chain. It means that the AEO does it’s best to reduce the supply chain risks where are involved.

FVS license for food transportation by road

Approves that SIA DPD Latvija is involved in the food chain by carrying out intermediary services and food transportation by road. Also, it indicates that SIA DPD Latvija is under Food and Veterinary Service (FVS) supervision and control.