DPD Quality and Environmental Policy

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DPD Quality and Environmental Policy

The common goal of the DPD Latvia quality and environment policy is to promote an effective, innovative and environmentally friendly parcel delivery service by identifying and evaluating all potential risks and possibilities, thus providing the sustainable growth of the company.

The quality and environment policy of DPD Latvia is not only based on the laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia that are binding to the company, the requirement of the Geopost, and the recognition and consideration of the needs of our clients and other interested parties, but also on the effective control of environmental resource usage, as well as the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies and materials.

To ensure the high quality of DPD Latvia’s services and customer services, to carry out continuous improvements and to support the protection of the environment, while simultaneously decreasing the impact of the company’s operations on the environment as much as possible, a quality and environment management system has been implemented and maintained that is certified in accordance with the demands of the international standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

The core driving force behind the implementation of the quality and environment policy is knowledgeable, motivated employees who are interested in sustaining the environment management system, it is paramount that they understand the significance of the management system in the work that they do and are always on the look-out for new ways to improve it.

Quality and environment management is a crucial component of the Geopost brand and its sustainability strategy. DPD Latvija, as delivery experts, also considers it a priority and wants to create a positive impact on the overall business development, environment and society. We believe sustainability is vital for our business to ensure relevance and to secure our leadership position in the future of parcel delivery. DPD's sustainability program DrivingChange is committed to sustainability on three broad pillars – our people, our planet and our communities. These pillars are the lens through which we assess the impact of every initiative we undertake.
In the scope of the sustainability program, we focus on the following areas:

We define our decarbonisation ambitions by setting science-based short-term and long-term goals to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere and strive for climate neutrality.

Circular economy
We apply the circular economy to aspects of our business, ensuring the reuse, recovery and recycling of resources, thereby extending their life cycle.

Air quality
We have introduced an air quality monitoring program in Riga to help every city resident monitor air quality, as well as to give an opportunity to the city authorities to understand the main causes of air pollution and encourage them to make data-based decisions to improve air quality level.

Employer and partner of choice
We care about our employees and partners, and offer a safe, ethical and inclusive workplace.

The quality and environment policy is available to all DPD Latvia employees, as well as any interested parties and it is revised and updated as needed, on the basis of changes to the processes and structure of the company or the impact of other circumstances.