Highest quality pallet shipments with DPD MAX

Highest quality pallet shipments with DPD MAX

DPD MAX is a service that provides the delivery of pallets from Latvia to 12 European countries. It is possible to send up to 6 pallets to one recipient. Depending on the delivery country, the pallets are delivered to the recipient within 1–8 business days.

DPD MAX pallet delivery is available to the following European countries:
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Germany.

DPD MAX advantages

Delivery right to the recipient's doorstep.

Thanks to the extensive DPD delivery network, the parcel is delivered to the recipient's doorstep regardless of the location.

Extensive delivery network

Pallet delivery is provided for 15 European countries.

Shipment tracking

Easy online tracking lets you know where your pallets are in real-time.

The option to ship small quantities

An ideal solution for clients that only need to send a few pallets to one recipient.

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