3. March 2022 | Update

Service disruptions due to the situation in Ukraine

Service disruptions due to the situation in Ukraine

Due to the situation in Ukraine, the following DPD services are temporarily suspended until further notice:

  • All shipping services to / from Ukraine

  • All shipping services to / from Russia and Belarus.

Domestic shipping services within Russia are being maintained.

We at GeoPost/DPDgroup are deeply concerned by the current situation in Ukraine, beyond the impact this crisis has on our daily operations.

As delivery experts and a company open to the world, to diversity and to solidarity, we fully embrace the  statement of our co-players DHL: "As a company that enables trade between countries and peoples across the globe, we strive for a more connected world, with peace and prosperity for everyone.”

We extend our thoughts to the Ukrainian people – especially those working in our businesses in the neighbouring countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Romania - and our colleagues at DPD Russia.

In the neighbouring countries & beyond, the desire to donate is naturally strong, and acts of charity may come from individuals or be coordinated at company level. That’s what we do as Business Units and as a Group. Our people in the business units are also mobilised to bring concrete support & assistance to those who are suffering.