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Where is my parcel?

We give each parcel its own parcel number. On the basis of this number you can track the progress of your parcel in myDPD or in your app, and if necessary arrange for delivery on a different day or to a different location.

What type of services does DPD Portugal provide?

DPD Portugal provides express transport services for packages weighing up to 31.5 kg throughout Portugal and to more than 230 countries, both in the business sector (B2B) and to private clients (B2C).

Where do I find the parcel number?

As an online shipper you will find the parcel number in the order archive and in the confirmation of order in your mailbox. If you have purchased the parcel label at a Pickup parcelshop, you will find the parcel number on the receipt which is issued. As the consignee, for each shipment you will normally receive an email with the parcel number. If we failed to locate you at home when the delivery was made, you will also find the parcel number on the parcel notification card we leave in your letterbox.

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the consignee you decide when or where we deliver the parcel. You can choose from four redirection options in order to have your parcel delivered the way it suits you best. You normally receive an email with the parcel number. If we have not located you at home, you will also find the parcel number on the parcel notification card which we leave in your letterbox. In the parcel tracking function two redirection options are available to you, e.g. you can redirect your parcel to a parcelshop of your choice or change the day of delivery. In your "Preferences" you can register the type of delivery which is generally the most suitable for you.

Where can I find a Pickup parcelshop?

Find the Pickup parcelshop near you with our Pickup parcelshop Finder. You can send or redirect your parcel to your favourite parcel shop or specify a Pickup parcelshop for all your parcel deliveries.


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