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DPD has a long history in the fight against climate change. Since 2006 has taken measures to protect the environment and since 2012 100% of the parcels have been carbon-neutral, without additional costs for customers. In the past five years, DPD has reduced CO2-emissions per package by 14 percent across Europe (2019 vs. 2013). By 2025, DPD even plans to reduce CO2-emissions per package by 30 percent compared to 2013. This is how we become the most sustainable company in the CEP industry.

Key facts & figures

1,3 billion carbon-neutral parcels delivered in 2019

16 millions of kilometres travelled by DPDgroup low-emission fleet

+100 smart urban delivery solutions rolled out across Europe

What can I do to reduce my carbon footprint?

What can I do to reduce my carbon footprint?

Favourite Parcelshop
Select your favourite parcelshop in the delivery preferences and pick up your parcels on your way home. This saves unnecessary delivery trips, and less trafic means lower emissions.

Avoid returns
In online shopping, size comparisons and ratings help to avoid returns and unnecessary traffic - this is how you can reduce CO2 emissions.

Go by bike or walking
When you use your bike or publick transport to pick up your parcel from a parcel shop you are helping to protect the environment. For the planet and for all of us.

A 360° approach to DrivingChangeTM


Paving the way to a more sustainable business, DrivingChangeTM is DPD’s sustainability programme – a programme inherent to who we are and how we do business. 

We offset our CO2 emissions and offer smart and efficient solutions for inner-city deliveries. We promote innovation and assume responsibility for our employees and the community in which we operate.

Our sustainable development strategy focuses on areas where we can make the biggest difference. At DPDgroup, we redefine delivery boundaries, and bring inspiration, innovation and action to each of our initiatives. To benefit the whole ecosystem. 

DPDgroup is committed to being a sustainable business.


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Frequently asked questions about Sustainability at DPD

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How high are the CO2 emissions per parcel?

In Europe DPDgroup is a pioneer in carbon-neutral parcel transport: by offsetting 912,731 tonnes of CO2 this year too, the second-largest European parcel and express service provider remains the No. 1 in Europe for voluntary CO2 offsetting.

The transport of a parcel causes on average 0.6 kg (or 600 grammes) of CO2 emissions. This corresponds to a volume of 305 litres or about 122 inflated balloons. 

How does carbon-neutral parcel shipping function?

Overall DPD relies on a mix of different concepts and vehicles in order to guarantee locally emission-free parcel delivery in city centres. In addition to the TRIPL e-scooter, DPD is significantly expanding delivery by cargo bike.

At present cargo bikes are already in use in Berlin, Hamburg, Heilbronn, Stuttgart and Nuremberg. Other cities such as Munich, Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Rostock will follow.

In addition DPD is also testing pre-series models of the VW e-Crafter in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. The VW e-Crafter is the first fully electric model in DPD's preferred vehicle class, and has all the features required to operate suitable delivery routes in urban areas with the same productivity level as conventional vehicles - including delivery to business consignees, who receive considerably more parcels per stop than private consumers.

How can I have my parcels delivered in a more environmentally friendly way?

You can help to reduce unsuccessful delivery attempts by using DPD's Predict service, Live-Tracking, the various redirection options, providing authorisation for parcels to be deposited or specifying direct delivery to a local Pickup parcelshop. In this way unnecessary delivery attempts can be avoided. If you then pick up your parcel on foot or by bike, you are also contributing to a cleaner city centre. Alternatively you can have your parcels delivered to a parcel shop of your choice, one which is located on your way to work, for example. You can then conveniently pick up the parcel on your way home.

Is my parcel only carbon-neutral in domestic shipping?

Carbon-neutral parcel transport is ensured throughout the DPDgroup network, regardless of whether you ship a parcel with DPD EXPRESS or DPD CLASSIC, domestically and internationally.

DPD Germany and the DPD companies in other countries all work together towards the goal of reducing CO2 emissions, and implement comparable measures in their own areas. 

How can a city become free from emissions?

On the last mile, i.e. when the parcel is actually delivered to the parcel consignee, the aim is to make greater use of vehicles with alternative drive systems in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

DPD has the concrete goal of supplying the inner cities in Germany without emissions.

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