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Here you will find questions and answers about our myDPD portal. We provide answers to frequently asked questions about services, features and delivery preferences.

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Why can\'t I give an online tip to all DPD drivers?

You can conveniently give our delivery personnel a tip online, if you are not at home when the delivery is made. Simply give your rating for our delivery service and then select the amount which you wish to transfer to the delivery driver on PayPal. Please note that not all drivers have created a free PayPal account, and that the option of giving an online tip is not available for every individual driver.

What are the advantages of registering?

Registering offers a number of benefits. For example you will have a list of all the parcels you have received, and can activate/deactivate personal notification preferences.

Forgot your password?

Click on \' Forgot your password \' and enter your email address or your user name. We will send you an email afterwards.

Does the DPD customer receive the tip directly?

Your tip will be transferred directly to your account without any deductions from DPD. For him only the usual fees of PayPal are accepted.

Can I also give the DPD customer a tip bar?

Of course you are free to give a tip bar to the front-office. If you are not at home at the time of delivery, the online tip is a way to do it later. Simply enter your parcel number or scan it from the parcel.

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I am a business customer and would like to be regularly informed about delivery obstacles. Is that possible?

Yes, under \"User Data \"-\"My Profile \"-\"delivery obstacles\" it is possible to set a regular notification of delivery obstacles. You can select the recipient and time of the notification.

Can I rename reference fields?

Yes, under \"User Data \"-\"My Profile \"-\"Preferences shipping orders \" You can rename the reference fields.

Can I change the way the data is sorted in tables?

Yes, you can arrange the data to your requirements with the arrows next to the column.

What does \"connected devices\" mean?

Here you can see all the devices with which you have logged in with your account. If a device is no longer in your possession, you can delete it here.

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Do I have the opportunity to change my wish parcel shop?

You can change your desired parcel shop at any time and as often as you wish under preferences.

Can I change my preferences later?

Yes, you can change your preferences anytime and as often as you like.

What are \"My preferences\"? What can I set here?

Here you define how we should notify you when a parcel is on its way to you. For example, you can specify your preferred parcel shop to which we should deliver your parcel if you are not at home, or you can give us a parking okay.

Can I also designate someone who does not live in the immediate vicinity as a neighbour?

No, here you can only specify neighbors in the immediate vicinity of the delivery address. In the displayed map you will see the permissible area where you can select your desired neighbor by tap. The street is then automatically transferred to the address form. All you have to do is add the name of the neighbor. Alternatively, you can enter the entire address manually in the form.


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