Problem-free shipping with DPD.

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Problem-free shipping with DPD.

To make your shipping as easy as possible, we have compiled all the important details, valuable tips and useful tools . 

Delivery time calculator

Our delivery time calculator will show you the standard delivery times you can rely on when you use our DPD CLASSIC service.

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Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator
Parcelshop Calculator

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)

The combined dimensions of your parcel are:


The volumetric weigth of your parcel:


NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.

Maximal dimensions

Your parcel can weigh up to 31.5 kg and the combined dimensions (longest side + circumference) can be max. 300 cm. In addition the max. length can be 175 cm (longest side). The Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator will help you to check the relevant weights and sizes.

Excluded goods

Some goods cannot be shipped with DPD. These include live animals, firearms and particularly valuable goods, such as precious metals and precious stones. For comprehensive information on the excluded goods and on shipping with DPD, please check our General Terms of Business.

Service alert

Unforeseen circumstances such as strikes or severe weather conditions can influence parcel delivery. Similar developments are being communicated via the service alert page. We advise you to save this page as a bookmark in your browser. Stay up to date at any time!

Monitor all your shipments

With DPD Shipping Report you have a complete overview of your current shipments and your shipping history. DPD Shipping Report has various components. It contains all the information you need about your parcels. The information is always up-to-date.

man-working-computer man-working-computer


DPD Shipping Report gives you all the information we hold about you and your shipments at all times. Wherever you are and whenever it suits you, you’ll always have your details at your fingertips.

DPD Quality

Insight into your lead times, exceptions and the status of parcels from any period. You can also export them to work with yourself.


Insight into parcels where you once made a change, allowing you to easily make adjustments in your own systems. And an overview of all parcels that have been returned to you.

My profile

Simply set up an e-mail notification so that we can let you know when there’s a problem with a parcel.


Packing tips

Easy and secure shipping thanks to our packing tips.

Quick tips for secure packaging

  1. Make sure the product is completely packed

  2. Use sufficient packaging inside to make sure the parcel is shock-resistant

  3. The parcel must be able to withstand a diagonal drop test from a height of 80 cm

  4. Cover the outer packaging with tape that cannot be removed without being noticed. By doing so, you prevent the contents from being lost or stolen.

  5. Goods that do not satisfy the packaging conditions cannot be transported


Help on international shipping

World map World map

Help on international shipping

Various accompanying documents are required for international shipping, depending on the customs regulations of the country into which you are importing and the type of goods you are sending. On the following pages you can find out which documents you will need for international shipping with DPD, and how to fill in the documents correctly. In addition we support you with our shipping planner and delivery time calculator in preparing and coordinating your international parcel shipments.

Easily reschedule your delivery with the DPD App

Easily reschedule your delivery with the DPD App


Live-Tracking shows you exactly where your parcel is.


Redirection options
You decide when and where we deliver your parcel.

Zusteller mit Paket -DPD- Pickup Paketshop

Sending parcels
Using our app you can send parcels with a few taps of the screen.

Parcel icon black

My parcels
An overview of your incoming parcels, any time and at any place? Simply register and the information will be available on any device.

Leaving for a relaxing holiday?

Holiday-planning Holiday-planning

Leaving for a relaxing holiday?

Please let us know! We’ll adapt our delivery scheme to your holiday planning.

During the yearly holiday periods (July/August – Christmas season) we store your parcels for two weeks. The parcels will be send back in case we’re unable to delivery after these two weeks. Your DPD contact person will be happy to tell you more about this.

Your holiday planning