What goods are excluded from transport?

For our own protection and the protection of our customers, there are some goods we cannot store or send. First and foremost these are objects that are classed as hazardous under national and international laws. Also excluded from transport are any items that might represent a danger to people or other goods being transported, on account of their characteristics or their packaging. Also excluded from transport are:

  • Jewels, precious stones, precious metals, pearls

  • Securities (coins, banknotes, bills of exchange, bearer titles and other titles)

  • Means of payment (credit cards, non-cleared checks, etc.)

  • Artworks, antiques, unique articles

  • Publications or audiovisual media prohibited by law

  • Alcohol (excluding alcoholic beverages)

  • Perishable or frozen food (unless via DPD fresh)

  • Flowers and plants

  • Animals, dead or alive

  • Narcotics prohibited by law

  • Firearms and explosives

  • certificates, unique documents or passports

  • pelts, carpets, wrist and pocket watches

  • goods whose value exceeds € 13,000 per parcel

  • prescription drugs and hypodermic needles

  • decorative objects and leather goods with a value exceeding € 520 per package

  • human remains, body parts or organs, medical or biological research material, medical waste

  • tenders and related documents, contracts, test results and similar documents to be provided

 Further information on excluded goods is available in our general terms & conditions.