What is a HS code and how do I enter them?

Customs uses a commodity code or European HS (Harmonized System) code to classify products. You need to provide 8 digits codes. By using this code in the data you send to DPD, DPD can make the correct Customs declaration. Customs then knows:
  • What products are in your consignment.
  • How much import duty and other import taxes must be paid on these products.
The HS codes for you to classify your products can be found at: www.tariffnumber.com Attention: for a number of HS codes  you also have to enter the quantity (m², kg, pair, etc.) in the description. So if you send a rolled-up wool carpet, you have to enter: "wool carpet (5m²) in the description field (DPD Shipper) CCONTENT field (self-printers). Other examples: ‘water (0,5 liters)’, ‘charcoal (10 kg)’, ‘shoes (4 pairs)’, etc.