Fuel surcharge

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Fuel surcharge

DPD calculates a variable fuel surcharge on the package price. The surcharge is indexed. That means we always adjust the surcharge to the fluctuating fuel prices.

Important notice

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Important notice

As of 1 Jan 2023, the fuel surcharge for road traffic will become the energy surcharge. In order to respond to the fluctuating and sharply rising costs of fuels and energy sources for our fleet, the surcharge will in future be based not only on current diesel and kerosene prices but also on the development of electricity and gas prices on the market. The energy surcharge will continue to be designed dynamically and will be charged per parcel . The calculation of the fuel surcharge for air transport remains the same.

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Diesel & kerosene surcharge

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Diesel surcharge

The surcharge is valid for all national and international products. We couple this surcharge with the consumption price of diesel fuel for Belgium, including the duties and taxes as published by the European Commission. The EC announces the consumption prices for diesel fuel each week. You will find the information on the surcharge on their website each week. The new method is effective from 1 October 2017.

The fuel surcharge for ground transport is valid for the following DPD products: DPD CLASSIC, DPD GUARANTEE, DPD 18:00, DPD 12:00, DPD 10:00.

Kerosene surcharge

The fuel surcharge is subject to changes in kerosene prices each month (see table below). The calculation of the surcharge is based on the monthly average of the "daily mid-spot price" for a barrel of kerosene (U.S. Gulf Coast).  Each month the surcharge is based on the information as published by the American Department of Energy (www.eia.doe.gov). The new method is effective from 1 October 2017.