Shipping to the United Kingdom

Frictionless shipping with DPD

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Shipping to the United Kingdom

Frictionless shipping with DPD

Rely on DPD to ship your parcels to the United Kingdom. Surprise your UK customers with your products, including first-class delivery at economical prices and fast delivery times. 


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Your benefits

  1. First-class onboarding program. Together with you, we discuss possible options and help you with assembling data and testing your parcels to ensure they reach the United Kingdom without any problems.
  2. Advanced shipping tools. Regardless of whether you use a plugin or DPD Shipper online, -offline, or -Webservices. These are all suitable for processing your customs data digitally.
  3. Fast delivery times are guaranteed, with parcels arriving in the United Kingdom within 3 to 4 days. You can quickly and easily check the delivery time from postcode to postcode using the online calculator.
  4. Custom clearance. As an AEO-F certified company, we can smoothly and quickly handle customs clearance for your shipments.
  5.  State of the art DPD UK app. Upon arrival of your goods in the UK, your recipient will have access to a very advanced app with up to 7 options to modify their delivery.

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A useful checklist

EORI number

To export, you need a Belgian EORI number and a Belgian VAT number, and possibly a GB EORI number or GB VAT number.


If you are exporting goods with a value of ≤ £135, you may need to register with the UK customs, the HMRC. Register - More information

The right DPD service

If your recipient is a business, choose DPD Classic. If your recipient is an individual, choose DPD Home. If you have an urgent shipment, choose DPD Express.

Import duties

You can choose who pays the import duties. With DAP NP, the recipient pays, and with DAP DP, the sender pays the import duties and VAT. Information about these options can be found in the manual that you can download below.


If you are not the sender of the goods in your shipment, there is an exporter involved. Note that the exporter must have a business entity in the EU to be able to export his goods outside the EU. Of course, DPD has made provision for this in our shipping systems.

HS codes

An HS code or goods code is required for export. This is an 8-digit number that you can look up with customs. If you have a 10-digit import number, you can use the first 8 digits for export.

Details of the goods

Customs want to know exactly what is in your export package: a description in English, the number, weight, quantity, value, and origin of these goods (produced or material mined in a country). More information can be found in the manual of our shipping systems, which you can download below.

DPD Shipper manual- How to prepare your parcels for United Kingdom?