Security at DPD.

Datenschutz bei DPD Datenschutz bei DPD

Security at DPD.

We regret that there are repeated illegal attempts to misuse the DPD brand in order to defraud third parties. Here you will learn the main details about current risks relating to the Internet and emails, and how you can protect yourself against them.

Please note:

DPD accepts no liability for damage which arises from the unauthorised use of our name or brand. This applies in particular to demands for payment which are made with fraudulent intentions.

If you wish to ask a question or provide information you can contact us directly at any time.

Security information

Fake invoice emails

Recently emails have been circulating which claim to be from DPD and require people to download invoices in CSV format. The emails are formulated ungrammatically and generally have the following or a similar subject line:

“DPD e-invoice: for A.N. Other new invoices created: 1234567890“

IMPORTANT: DPD expressly wishes to point out that this represents misuse of the DPD brand and is attempted fraud. DPD does not send bills as a CSV download. Please do not click on the corresponding links! DPD accepts no responsibility for any damage which arises from such attempts at fraud.

If in an individual case you are not sure whether a message really comes from DPD and can be trusted, you can contact us at any time at [email protected].

Offers on online real estate portals in which DPD appears as an agent

We very much regret that the DPD brand is currently being misused for a fraudulent purpose. In this fraud, apartments are offered on online real estate portals at favourable prices. DPD is indicated as an agent, offering to send keys for viewing the apartments in return for a financial payment (claimed to be to DPD).

IMPORTANT: We expressly wish to point out that DPD does not provide agency services in the real estate field. DPD does not carry out services of this kind for real estate portals or estate agents, and does not implement financial transfers for this purpose. Any requests for payment made in this context are made with fraudulent intentions with the unauthorised use of the DPD name and brands.

DPD wishes to issue an express warning against responding to such requests and making payments! DPD accepts no liability for damage which arises from such payments. In such cases we recommend reporting the matter to the police.

If you receive such or similar demands for payment and are not sure whether the messages actually come from DPD and can be trusted, you can contact us at any time at [email protected].

Thank you for your understanding!

Latest update: 12/2017