1. April 2022 | press release

Pandemic boosts e-shopping in Switzerland

Buchs, April 2022. The number of e-shoppers in Switzerland has risen over the last two years, with significantly more people now shopping online than before the pandemic. This is shown by the new E-Shopper-Barometer, a regular study conducted by DPDgroup across 21 European countries. Many e-shoppers are now even getting heavy items of furniture and medication delivered, which was previously not so much the case. Compared to 2019, the satisfaction level for deliveries has decreased.

A representative study carried out by DPDgroup shows that 15.6% of Swiss purchases are made online. 90% of all Swiss e-shoppers are now regular online shoppers, while 53% shop online monthly and receive an average of 4.8 packages per month.

82% get goods delivered to their home and 9% pick up parcels from a parcel service provider, post office or retailer.

Overall, regular e-shoppers believe that the delivery process has become more difficult. Only 68% of them said that their last order was straightforward, compared to 79% in 2019. The European average here is 75%.

Other insights from the 2021 E-Shopper Barometer:

Expected the next day

Further proof that the Swiss people want the products they have ordered delivered directly to their homes. The importance of next-day delivery is also very clear. Over 98% of the parcels delivered by DPD Switzerland are delivered on the next working day.

What is sustainable purchasing?

Swiss e-shoppers primarily regard sustainable purchasing as referring to local production and environmental friendliness. Delivery from within the same country also falls under this. Regular e-shoppers consider environmentally friendly delivery to mean the simultaneous delivery of multiple products and the use of low-emission vehicles such as electric or hybrid delivery trucks or bicycles.

European websites are popular for e-shopping

87% of regular e-shoppers order regularly from international websites – 90% from European websites and 44% from Chinese websites. This is significantly different from the European average. Regular European e-shoppers have made 73% of their purchases on European websites and 54% on Chinese websites.

Less pleasant shopping experience

As e-commerce continues to grow, increasing numbers of regular e-shoppers are providing post-purchase feedback. The expectations of e-shoppers are increasing and the online shopping experience is regarded as less simple than it used to be – just 60% of regular e-shoppers say that their last online purchase was straightforward, compared to 70% in 2019.

Returns made simple

With the increase in e-commerce volumes, another phenomenon identified is that more orders are placed than what is needed. More than a quarter of regular e-shoppers returned their last order – a large increase compared to 2019 and well above the European average, which stands at 12%. While regular e-shoppers are buying/returning across more categories, it has become more difficult to return a package.

The effect of influencers and feedback from e-shoppers

60% of Swiss e-shoppers choose a website based on recommendations from social media and influencers. This is slightly above the European average of 57%. The tendency to publish or share one’s own feedback has risen to 65%, 7% higher than in 2019.


'We are putting our customers at the centre of things, our senders and recipients, and responding to their needs. With the E-Shopper Barometer, we can see whether we are meeting these needs and whether we are on the right track. We are also very aware of our responsibility towards our planet and fellow human beings and we actively show our commitment here,’ says DPD Switzerland CEO Tilmann Schultze. ‘We have been carrying out climate-neutral delivery of all parcels for the last ten years – without any additional cost for our customers. With our first e-truck, we reached a new milestone in the sustainable logistics industry in 2021. Futuricum, DPD Switzerland and Continental can even lay claim to the official Guinness World Record for the ‘longest journey undertaken by an electric truck without charging’. Our second e-truck is already on the road and further e-trucks have been ordered. We are also expanding our fleet of e-vans.’


Different profiles, different expectations

Many e-shoppers can be divided into three different profiles – experienced shoppers, connoisseurs and green shoppers.

Experienced shoppers are regular e-shoppers who have been shopping online for at least five years. They buy all kinds of products online and are loyal to the websites they shop on. They feel reassured when they are familiar with the delivery company. This group makes up 15% of all e-shoppers in Switzerland.

Connoisseurs tend to be younger online shoppers. For them, online shopping is convenient, time-saving and cost-saving, and also less stressful than shopping in physical shops. They often look up reviews and recommendations before making a purchase. This group makes up 13% of Swiss e-shoppers.

Green e-shoppers tend to be more occasional shoppers and shop for a more limited range of products online. They prefer purchasing certain products from physical shops. They are less influenced by reviews and recommendations. This group makes up 19% of all e-shoppers in Switzerland.

About the ‘E-Shopper Barometer’ study

For the study on behalf of DPDgroup, a total of 23,394 interviews were carried out in 21 European countries between 2 June and 16 July 2021. In Switzerland, 1,001 people aged 18 years or older took part in the survey.

Information, see: E-Shopper Barometer

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