Working at DPD

Find the ideal job for you.

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Working at DPD

Find the ideal job for you.

Applying to DPD?

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Applying to DPD?


There’s no secret!

Look at the video to see what awaits you.

Your job at DPD in 8 steps


1. Apply online

Apply online with your application dossier


2. Screening

Within a week you will receive a first response from us


3. Notification

You will be notified by e-mail if your documents are forwarded to the manager responsible


4. First interview

Invitation to a first meeting


5. Personality test

Depending on the position, you will complete a personality test


6. Second interview

Getting to know the team, with role play/case study


7. References

References will be taken by telephone


8. Contract offer

You will receive a contract offer by e-mail

Insider tip: Your WhatsApp video!

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What wins us over is not the perfect CV. Talented people with the potential to become DPD experts have good chances. That is what we are looking for in your application, which is why the job information for our vacancies is crucial.

Is writing a personal statement not your forte?

No problem! Of course we would like to know what motivates you, but you can also just tell us all about it in a WhatsApp video. Please tell us your name at the start of the video and refer to the position you are applying for, after that we look forward to hearing and seeing what motivates you.

Insider tip: Unsolicited applications

We are very grateful for your unsolicited applications! Unfortunately, we receive many applications for our vacancies every day, so we are unable to consider or respond to unsolicited applications. Please check out the vacancies listed here and subscribe to job alerts to keep track of new opportunities.

Last Tip: Please save the environment, and everyone’s time, by not sending your application by post.

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