We have in-depth knowledge of buying behaviour and the online shopping experience.


For the study on behalf of Geopost, a total of 23'974 interviews were carried out in 22 European countries between 30 May and 26 July 2022. In Switzerland, 1'000 individuals 18 years of age or older took part in the survey. Thanks to the study, we have well-founded knowledge of purchasing behaviour and the shopping experience on the internet.

The following results relate to people who regularly shop online in Switzerland. Regular e-shoppers are between 18 and 70 years of age and purchase at least one item per month online. A total of 89 % of all online purchases in Switzerland are made by these regular e-shoppers. 16,4 % (+ 0,8 % yoy) of all Swiss purchases are made online, this figure is slightly above the European average (15,4 %, - 0,1 % yoy).

The need for sustainability

Verantwortung Verantwortung

The need for sustainability

In Switzerland, a sustainable purchase primarily refers to the local dimension of the product (production and delivery) and the environmental friendliness of the product.

Most online purchases are in the fashion, shoes and beauty products.


Fashion 64 %


Shoes 56 %


Beauty 44 %

Swiss e-shoppers prefer to have their purchases delivered to their homes. The preferred delivery locations are:


Home 75 %


Parcelshop 11 %


Locker 11 %


Post office 10 %


Alternative address 10 %

Protecting the environment is important.

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Protecting the environment is important.

  • Of regular e-shoppers, 66 % find that it is important to have a choice of environmentally friendly delivery alternatives when buying online.
  • Of regular e-shoppers, 69 % would be more likely to choose a website / retailer / app that offers environmentally friendly delivery options.

There is interest for various options when it comes to delivery.

According to the importance index (average index: 100)


Selecting day of and one-hour window for delivery (142)


Real-time information regarding delivery (135)

Lieferung umleiten

Rerouting delivery (134)

Lieferung am Folgetag

Delivery on the following day (132)

Mehrere Zustelloptionen

Multiple delivery options (126)

Reviews and recommendations are important!

Social Media Social Media

Reviews and recommendations are important!

Regular e-shoppers choose websites based on trust, followed by word of mouth and recommendations from relatives and colleagues on social media. 65 % of regular e-shoppers share or post feedback after purchase.

Of regular e-shoppers, 81 % in Switzerland have already made purchases on websites from other countries.


Europe 92 %