Clean air on your doorstep

DPD delivers many parcels with zero-emission vehicles. But we want to do even more: Our delivery vehicles and depots use sensors to measure air pollution caused by particulate matter (particle size PM2.5) in real time. The comprehensive data has enabled the authorities in Lisbon to create a low-emission zone in the heart of the city. Building on this success, Geopost plans to expand the initiative across Europe. In Switzerland, we measure air quality in Basle, Berne, Geneva and Zurich. A great example of how responsible local action can benefit the well-being of cities and citizens.


Our sensors collect real-time data every 12 seconds.


The data allows citizens to assess the air quality on their doorstep.


Continuous expansion of the initiative in many European cities.

For better air quality

We are playing our part to make city centres worth living in.

For better air quality

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We are playing our part to make city centres worth living in.

DPD measures air quality and publicises the measured data

"Breathe" has launched in Switzerland: For the first time, residents of Basle, Berne, Geneva and Zurich will be able to check air quality on their doorstep and anywhere else in the city. Laser-based sensors are installed on almost 100 delivery vehicles in our fleet as well as in the respective DPD depot and deliver the data in real time. The big advantage: The data is publicly available and accessible to everyone. This makes it easier to plan outdoor activities, for example.

Cities with air quality measurement

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The Green CityHub is located at the old freight yard in Basle and is part of the SBB Smart City Lab. All consignments from here are delivered electrically.

Our electric vans drive from the depot in Ostermundigen to Berne and the surrounding area. It is DPD Switzerland’s newest depot, and the proportion of parcels delivered electrically is constantly being expanded.

The depot in Geneva is the first depot from which more than 70% of consignments are already delivered electrically. The first electric vans have been in use since mid 2021.

Some of the consignments are already delivered electrically from Switzerland’s largest depot, which also serves the city of Zurich. The depot in Buchs ZH is also the location of our world record electric truck.