Committed to low emission deliveries

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Committed to low emission deliveries

Wherever you call home, we only have one Earth. That’s why Geopost is committed to fighting climate change with each and every parcel delivery. We do this by precisely measuring our carbon footprint per parcel, reducing it in any way we can, and offsetting the remaining emissions by funding clean energy projects around the world.

The result is 100% carbon neutral parcel delivery across Europe. All at no extra cost to our customers.


1.3 billion sustainable parcels delivered in 2019

-14% reduction in C02 emissions per parcel (vs. 2013)

100% of our transport & buildings energy emission offset in 2019 (1 046 184 tonnes CO2)

Offseting programme in India

Offseting programme in India

An offseting programme to be proud of

Approved by the rigorous Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), our offsetting programme focuses on renewables, clean energy and circular economy projects. From wind energy projects in India to the conversion of landfill gas to clean electricity in Brazil, they not only foster sustainability, they improve quality of life for local communities. What’s more, our carbon offsetting is completely voluntary, not tax-exempt and we hold no equity investments in the projects we support.

Air Quality Programme

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