How are your data secured?

DPD stores all data on specially protected servers. These servers are accessible only to authorised persons who are responsible for technical, business and editing tasks in relation to these servers. We have defined and implemented necessary technical and organisational measures to be able to guarantee security of your Data.

To ensure IT security and authorised access, the use of all technical devices (hardware) we employ for Data processing is regulated by clearly defined policies. Users of these devices are trained and motivated to comply with the security policies and with the system of internal control.

Moreover, Data transfers are secured by reasonable technical restraints that correspond to the relevance of the processed Data.

We also process Data that are saved on external media, be them electronic media (USB, DVD, etc.) or printed documents. Even for these cases, we have clearly defined rules how to handle the Data saved in this way, we train our staff who handle them to comply with these rules, or they are bound either by a contract or by their statutory duties.

Our priority is to protect the Data to prevent any losses, falsification, unlawful handling, abuse or unauthorised access.