Woo Commerce

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that adds Ecommerce features to a website. It allows you to benefit from a real online store by adding features such as :

  • the sale and management of products

  • the use of a payment system (Paypal, CB)

  • sales statistics

  • specific plugins (best sales, promotions, etc)

  • calculation of transport costs and taxes

  • stock management

Discover and integrate the DPD module for WooCommerce. You will then benefit from fast and flexible delivery solutions for your customers: at home by appointment, at a local point or in the workplace.

The benefits of our module:
  • Addition of 4 transport solutions: at home by appointment with Predict, at a local point with DPD Relay, at the workplace with DPD CLASSIC and abroad with DPD CLASSIC Europe & Intercontinental.
  • Search and selection of relays via a webservice with geographical display on a map.
  • An export of the orders to the format of our labeling station for automatic printing of the labels.
  • A step-by-step tracking of packages automatically returned to the backoffice

The DPD Module has been approved for use with the 2.X/3.X versions of WooCommerce. After ordering the modules (form to order) and downloading the zip archive containing the modules, install them directly using the back office Extensions > Add tab. After installing the modules, you can change the module's settings in two steps: 1. Insert your sender details for all our delivery services using the WooCommerce>Settings>Delivery tab 2. Activate delivery services to offer your clients, set the delivery cost table and insert your identification details provided by DPD France

Our module adds 3 delivery options (logo + simple presentations) at the checkout.
  • DPD Relais : offer the 5 closest pickup points to the address inputted by your client. The opening hours, geographical details and map location are given for each pickup point.
mg_fo_relais mg_fo_detail_relais
  • Livraison à domicile Predict : an interactive delivery tool allowing you to contact consignees by SMS and to schedule the delivery day and slot which suits them best.
  • DPD CLASSIC : for those who choose to have their package delivered to work.
  • DPD CLASSIC Europe & Intercontinental : delivery to individual and business customers through our network and our intercontinental partners.

  • Order export : efficiently manage your shipments by automatically creating your transport labels and sending tracking links to your clients.No manual input necessary, the module automatically generates the order export files, and the tracking links are automatically sent to consignees by email.
  • Parcel Tracking: batch update the status of processed and delivered orders.