Find here the advice of our teams to succeed in your applications

  1. Build your resume

Resume = professional identity card, it allows you to know if you correspond to the required profile.

For your application to be considered, you must provide a CV. It must be clear and structured.

Highlight on the CV the position you are looking for, your availability dates, your contact details, and your academic background.

Detail the experiences from the most recent to the oldest.

Promote your specific skills and knowledge for each experience carried out.

Take care of formatting and proofread to avoid spelling mistakes. Lighten the layout so that it is visible.

  1. Passing your job interview

Before the interview:

Find out about the company and the position you have applied for

List your assets

Prepare your questions

Choose a neutral and appropriate outfit

During the interview:

Have an upright posture and be enthusiastic

Have a structured and coherent speech, stay concrete and factual

List your skills by relating them to the proposed missions

You must convince your interlocutor that you are right for the job

After the interview:

Send a thank you email a few days after the interview.


Good luck to everyone!