These e-commerce players trust us, and this is mutually beneficial.


Logo Shippingbo Logo Shippingbo


Our trusted partner, Shippingbo, offers you a complete innovative solution to simplify your e-commerce logistics, from receiving an order to dispatching it. The aim? To allow you to focus on what really matters: developing your business.

  • Connect to over 120 sales channels

    Want to develop your business on new platforms? Shippingbo has over 120 plug and play integrations with the main marketplaces, CMS and private sales on the market, and Matériel CHR Pro has just joined this network.

  • Centralisation of omnichannel orders

    Centralises orders from all your sales channels (website, marketplaces, private sales, etc.) on a single platform to save maximum time.

  • Real-time stock synchronisation

    No more overselling of products: fulfil 100% of your orders! Shippingbo synchronises your stock levels in real time across all your sales channels.

  • Prepare more orders, in less time

    Time-consuming tasks with little added value are eliminated: fewer trips back and forth to the warehouse, no more manual data entry, automated processes... You'll make your team more autonomous and efficient.

  • Print all your transport documents

    Connect instantly to over 40 carriers and print all your shipping documents (transport labels, CN23s, delivery notes, etc.) in just one click.

  • Connect all your tools to Shippingbo

    Shippingbo's robust APIs allow you to connect any third-party tool(s)

The range of offerings suits all types and sizes of businesses, with transparent and fair billing.

E-commerce Nation

Partenaire E-Commerce Nation Partenaire E-Commerce Nation

E-commerce Nation

Launched in 2015 from Normandy, E-Commerce Nation is now the 1st Web Media of e-commerce in France and Europe. E-Commerce Nation is also a training organization accompanying entrepreneurs and e-commerce professionals in the development of their skills.

DPD France and E-commerce Nation are partners since 2019.


logo MyShipWizard logo MyShipWizard


MyShipWizard offers a complete shipping management solution for e-commerce businesses. Integrated with leading CMS such as PrestaShop, Shopify and WooCommerce, the logistics solution automates and optimises logistics processes, from order preparation to final delivery. Thanks to its advanced features, MyShipWizard simplifies carrier selection, provides real-time tracking of shipments and automates the printing of shipping labels. With MyShipWizard, companies benefit from a reliable and efficient solution to meet the logistical challenges of e-commerce, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace.

  • Centralisation of orders from different sales channels, including over 100 marketplaces
  • Management of carrier selection according to user-defined criteria.
  • Automated issue of shipping labels for fast, accurate order processing.
  • Real-time tracking of shipments for greater visibility and transparent communication with customers.


Logo Iziflux Logo Iziflux


Iziflux is one of the leading marketplaces flow aggregators on the market. The solution supports e-merchants in their multi-channel sales strategy on over 400 marketplaces. The e-commerce flow manager simplifies every stage of the process, from integration to product catalogue management, including stock and order tracking.

Key features of Iziflux include :

  • Simplified integration of product catalogues on a wide range of marketplaces Centralised management of stocks and orders from a single dashboard.
  • Offer optimisation: take advantage of advanced tools to optimise your offers, whether in terms of prices, promotions or product descriptions
  • Campaign customisation: personalise your campaigns according to your specific objectives, to target new market segments or retain your existing customers.
  • Performance monitoring: evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns with detailed reports. Dedicated customer support: our customer support team is with you every step of the way.


Anchanto Logo Anchanto Logo


Anchanto is an international software publisher and partner of La Poste Group, offering SaaS solutions to help B2B/B2C e-commerce and logistics operations grow.

Connected to more than 150 partners in the ecosystem (marketplaces, CMS, carriers, ERP), Anchanto's technology is designed to promote the operational growth of logisticians, brands, e-tailers and distributors, in particular via its OMS, WMS with integrated TMS and its B2B customer portal.

With a local presence in 11 countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, Anchanto's solutions enable accelerated growth, improved productivity and easier cross-border expansion.