The importance of optimal packaging

Your goods will travel long distances and go through different stages on their way to the consignee. Here are some simple rules to apply to ensure that your goods are optimally protected during their journey.

A few rules for successful transport


Choose the right packaging

Rigid and resistant packaging ensures the protection of your goods.
Avoid rounded shapes, it must be adapted in size and strength to the goods being transported.


Protect your goods

Use packing materials (wedges, foam, etc.)
In the case of fragile products, DPD will have to validate the solidity of your packaging in order to ensure proper transportation.


Secure your parcel

Take care to seal your parcel with adhesive tape.
It should be wide enough and strong enough, while avoiding to multiply layers.

etiquetage specifique

Stick the transport label

Make sure that no other label than the DPD label is visible on the parcel.
It must be placed on a flat surface, not straddling 2 sides of the package, nor be stuck on the adhesive tape.

How to pack your parcel properly

Bien emballer vos colis
Bien emballer vos colis

Refused parcels in our network

Les colis refusés dans notre réseau
Les colis refusés dans notre réseau

Packaging of liquids

Conditionnement des liquides
Conditionnement des liquides