Air quality right at your doorstep

Air quality monitoring programme

Air quality right at your doorstep

Air quality monitoring programme

Across the world, communities are demanding cleaner air. We recognized we were in a unique position to help. DPD Portugal partnered with the cities of Lisbon, Paris and Madrid as a pilot project. Using next generation lasers, our delivery fleet and our depots monitored PM 2.5 air pollution levels in real time. The comprehensive data enabled Lisbon’s authorities to design a unique low emission zone in the heart of the city. Building on the success, DPDgroup plan to expand the initiative in 20 key cities across Europe by 2021. It’s an example of the good that can come from acting local for the benefit of cities and citizens.



Every 12 seconds our sensors collect real time data


Data will be available so citizens can view air quality on their doorstep


Expanding to 20 cities across Europe by 2021

Bringing benefits both to cities and citizens


Cities have the opportunity to efficiently tackle the air quality issues by making data based decisions on mitigation initiatives and new traffic regulations.


End-consumers have access to an air quality diagnosis at their doorstep.


Airdiag, the air quality monitoring tool. Here, air quality in Paris.

Jean-Michel Rebillard

After a successful proof of concept in Paris, Jean-Michel Rebillard, Marketing and Communication Director at DPD France, gives his insight on the air quality monitoring programme

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