Ethics is a key element of GeoPost's sustainability strategy and is an integrated part of our DNA. At GeoPost, we strongly believe that respecting people and the environment, conducting our business with integrity and protecting our resources are essential to the sustainable development of our business in the short and long term.

What defines us at GeoPost?

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We respect and comply with all applicable laws and regulations issued by national and international institutions. We expect the same commitment from our partners and collaborators. In addition to complying with the various ethical standards set out in this Code of Conduct, we are committed to complying with all regulations in force in the territories in which we operate, especially those that apply to our business, such as transport regulations or customs requirements.

2. In the service of our customers

We offer proven methods and excellent responsiveness to support our customers' development. The close working relationships developed by our teams allow for greater flexibility and responsiveness, which are critical to our customers' satisfaction.

3. Respect for human rights

Every human being has general, inalienable and indivisible rights, without any distinction, regardless of location, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic origin or any other status.

4. Working together

At GeoPost, we value teamwork and encourage it by all appropriate means. As such, all of the principles described in this Code of Conduct should govern the relationships between our team members, just as they should guide the way we conduct our business. We expect our employees and business partners to treat each other with the respect and consideration they deserve.

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