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DPD Lockers

The DPD Lockers are placed in ​shopping malls & commercial centres ​in Bucharest and ​other main cities in Romania. The DPD Lockers offers courier services sending, receiving and returning parcels in Romania.  The schedule is from 9:00 to 23:00, 24h/7days.

  • The recipients have 5 days to pick up the parcels from the location they have chosen;
  • Payment of the reimbursement or the courier transport fees when the parcel is collected can be made only by card;
  • Recipients can operate the return of a parcel from the DPD Locker through the Easy Returns voucher system. Once the AWB is created online, it can be printed directly at the Locker;
  • The parcels are secure due to the electronic locking system and integrated video surveillance

Total Weight

shipment (KG)

Tariff DPD Standard

Between offices/lokers


Additional charge taken


sender's address

Additional tariff delivery


recipient address

≤ 3




≤ 5




≤ 15




≤ 20




≤ 31.5




> 31.5

1.80 / Kg additional



*Prices are in RON and do not include VAT and fuel index.

For any delivery to a DPD loker, a discount of 50% of the Standard DPD tariff is applied between the Offices and the DPD Lokers.




Tariff / Shipping


Standard DPD rate + 12.03 RON / shipping


Standard DPD rate + 30.10 RON / shipping

* Rates are expressed in RON and do not include VAT and fuel index.

** Zone 1: Localities 20 to 50 km from the DPD centers

*** Zone 2: Localities located at > 50 km from the DPD centers

CASH ON DELIVERY (COD) SERVICE - consists in the payment by the consignee to the sender of the value of the goods according to the recorded shipment, through the DPD network.

Repayment deadline of the value of goods collected: between 1 and 7 working days, starting with the day of delivery. This service is provided only to contract clients.
The recipients have the opportunity to pay directly to the courier, by bank card or cash.

Maximum allowed ampunts for collection:

  1.        5.000 RON (for legal persons recipients)
  2.        10.000 RON (for individual recipients)

SHIPMENT SERVICE WITH EXTENDED LIABILITY (DECLARED VALUE) - consists of ensuring a registered postal delivery.

The insurance of the registered postal delivery can be made against the loss, theft, total or partial destruction or damage, for an amount that cannot exceed the value declared by the sender.

The maximum allowed limit of the declared value is the equivalent in RON of 13,000 euros / shipment.

Cash Service / COD - cash payment

6.02 + tariff DPD Standard

Cash Service / MPOS - credit card payment

0.85% the cash value + DPD rates Standard

Extension of the liability limit

1% of the declared value

*Prices are in RON and do not include VAT and fuel index.

Return Documents (ROD) - consists of delivering a shipment and retrieving the documents from the recipient for return to the sender


SWAP - consists of the delivery of the shipment and the taking over of another shipment from the consignee.

Tariff DPD Standard

between offices / DPD Lokers

Return parcel not delivered

Standard rate between offices / DPD Lokers

Open parcel on delivery - possibility offered to the recipient to view the contents of the parcel at the time of delivery, in the presence of the courier.


Delivery parcel testing - possibility offered to the recipient to verify and test the contents of the parcel at the time of delivery, in the presence of the courier and within 10 minutes.


*Prices are in RON and do not include VAT and fuel index.