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DPD Lietuva history

Briefly about DPD Lietuva history:

  • Companies were established in 1998. Since 1999 parcel delivery service Bizpak was launched.
  • In Lithuania the first parcel was delivered on 1st June 1999.
  • Since July 2002 became a part of international parcel delivery system DPD (Dynamic Parcel Distribution) and started to deliver parcels to/from European countries.
  • Starting from September 2004 company belongs to GeoPost, the Groupe La Poste company.
  • Since October - November, 2006 Baltic Logistic companies changed the names to DPD and Bizpak brand to DPD.
  • Starting from January 1, 2008 DPD Lietuva is operating under one brand – DPD.
  • In 2015 DPDgroup is shipping more than 3 million parcels each day and the DPD logo is part of the urban landscape in many countries – in Europe and worldwide


DPD network milestones

DPD Network. DPD is gradually increasing the internationality of its brand and is building up a comprehensive network. The aim is to create an integrated logistics and information network under a single brand umbrella. Today DPD is present in all European core countries and worldwide with partners and co-operations.

The group. Amalgamation with GeoPostThe amalgamation with GeoPost, a subsidiary of France’s La Poste, in April 2004, strengthened DPD’s long-term continuity, stability and future growth. This means that DPD is ideally equipped to compete in the market and has a solid position from which to expand: technological leadership ensured by continual innovation, combined with service leadership thanks to uncompromising customer-orientation. At the same time we are constantly expanding our capacity so that we stay ahead of the market all the time.

Today. With a daily volume of 3 million parcels shipped in a seamless international network, today DPD is one of Europe's leading parcel service providers. With over 800 depots in 40 countries, 24,000 employees and 18,000 vehicles are at the service of 300,000 business customers. In Lithuania DPD leads the market in B2B parcel shipping. Day in, day out over 400 skilled employees at 13 depots ensure simple, fast and reliable parcel transport – a major achievement which is only possible with a unique, efficient transport network. In other words with the kind of system which DPD has established and which represents consistent performance and service quality – both domestic and international.