One of our many DPD parcel lockers is probably near your home or workplace. Just enter your city or town and street name and click the search button. We will find the nearest parcel locker, indicate the exact distance to it and suggest the nearest route, on foot or by car.

Have you arrived at the shop but cannot find the parcel locker?

Have you arrived to the parcel locker address at the shop or shopping centre, but cannot find exactly where the parcel locker stands? Below are some helpful explanations on how to find the parcel locker.

The exact location of parcel lockers in Vilnius

The exact location of parcel lockers in Kaunas

The exact locations of parcel lockers in Klaipėda

The exact location of parcel lockers in Panevėžys

The exact location of parcel lockers in Šiauliai

The exact location of parcel lockers in other cities

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to collect a parcel from a parcel terminal/point?

At the parcel locker – tap the screen, click “Collect a parcel”, enter the PIN code you received in an SMS message. A compartment will open with your parcel inside. Take out the parcel and close the door. Select on the screen whether you want to print a receipt. At the parcel point – provide the parcel point employee with the PIN code that you received via SMS or an identity document if you are specified as the consignee. If you are picking up a parcel for another person, provide the PIN code.

How long will the parcel be stored at the parcel terminal/point?

Parcels are stored for 5 calendar days from the date of delivery to the parcel terminal/point.

Can I pay for purchases ordered online at the parcel point?

In the parcel points you can collect only prepaid parcels. To pay for purchases after the delivery of the parcel, choose delivery to the self-service parcel terminal. You will then be able to pay with a bank card.

When will I be able to collect my parcel from the parcel terminal/point?

As soon as we deliver your parcel to the parcel terminal/point, you will receive an SMS message and an e-mail.