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Reliable Delivery sign

In 2014, regarding the growing e-commerce market situation, parcel delivery company DPD Lietuva launched a Reliable Delivery standard which is intended for e-shops and their customers. With this standard the company seeks to strengthen criteria of qualitative parcel delivery and expresses its commitment both to e-shops and their customers.

The standard is marked with the sign Reliable Delivery which was designed for e-shops specially. E-shop with this sign implemented will give a message to its customers that all the goods purchased in this shop will be delivered within the specified period, if damages occur during the transportation, the customers will be entitled to compensation, and also confidentiality of information about the customers will be ensured. Reliable Delivery covers dress code of the couriers and service standard as well.

Sign Reliable Delivery is a property of UAB DPD Lietuva and its use is granted to DPD Lietuva customers exclusively.

If you wish to use sign Reliable Delivery in your e-shop, contact us by email: [email protected]


Rules of use of the sign


Find out the rules of use of the sign Reliable Delivery




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