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DPD CLASSIC is perfect if you need dependable, attractively-priced parcel services to European countries.This product offers parcel delivery from door to door in Europe or other available countries on a day probable accordingly listed countries. A DPD CLASSIC parcel usually reaches its destination within Europe in 1-9 days. 

To help your international parcels along the way, we have a range of useful tips for your international parcel shipping:

  • Check out our parcel shipping terms for useful information how to prepare international parcels.
  • Contact our sales department - we are happy to answer your questions regarding the international shipping.


Your Benefits at a glance: 


  • Reliable and safe delivery to European countries
  • Delivery of parcels up to 31.5 kg
  • Delivery of pallets to Poland and Finland
  • Higher insurance available
  • Parcel tracking 

You can choose from the following options in conjunction with DPD CLASSIC:


  • Contractual client – most convenient option for shipping larger quantities or for frequent deliveries. 
  • – fast and convenient online shipping. Our courier will come to collect your parcel.
  • Pickup – bring your parcel to any of our Pickup point and benefit from our competitive rates.

We deliver parcels to these non-EU Member States:

  1. Switzerland 
  2. Norway
  3. Iceland
  4. Serbia
  5. Bosnia-Herzegovina 
  6. Ukraine

The service shall be provided only to the customers, who have signed the contract, i.e. to legal entities! The parcels shall be delivered only under DAP conditions.


How to send a parcel to the non-EU Member State?

  1. Pack and mark the label(s) in accordance with the Regulations of Shipments Delivery 
  2. Prepare the documents: :
    • Invoice (when the goods are sent for sale and have commercial value) or Proforma invoice (when the goods have no commercial value (e.g.: production samples, gifts)). 6 original counterparts of the signed and sealed document have to be prepared for each shipment. 4 out of 6 counterparts have to accompany the parcel. The invoices have to be prepared in English. It is recommended to print the invoices on the letter-headed paper.
    • The example of invoice’s completion is available here: 
    • The invoice template may be downloaded here: 
    • Export declaration: when the parcel (i.e. envelope or package) is given for shipment, the copy of export declaration has to be attached. DPD is not performing customs procedures. The official list of customs agents is available at DPD shall not be responsible for customs or VAT fees. If the Sender or Receiver do not pay the taxes to administering authorities in time, do not complete correctly or do not submit the necessary documents and DPD incurs extra expenses because of this, DPD has a right to submit an additional invoice to the Customer to cover additional costs.
  3. Attach documents to the parcel: all the documents have to be put into the transparent file or into a special envelope and glued to the parcel. The documents have to be attached in such a way so that they would not be detached and lost during the shipment – the lost documents will result in impossibility to perform customs procedures and thus the delivery of the parcel will be delayed or the parcel will be returned. 
  4. Submit an order


If more than one package is sent regularly to some particular receiver in the non-EU Member State, contact the Sales Department by email: [email protected] or phone: +370 5 219 27 27 and we will advise how to prepare the parcels and minimize the shipment costs optimally.


  • Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK. 

DESTINATION COUNTRIES (non-EU) (attention: delivery to non-EU countries available only for contractual clients) 

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iceland, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine.