5. January 2024 | CSR news

From carbon neutral to net zero

Geopost will no longer offset parcel delivery emissions, instead we will strengthen our focus on actions to significantly reducing our emissions.

Geopost's carbon neutrality policy, in line with La Poste Groupe, is evolving to support our Net Zero strategy. We are strengthening our focus on actions to significantly reduce our GHG emissions by at least 90% by 2040 (compared to 2020) and preparing a forward-looking carbon offsetting programme based on high quality carbon capture projects (such as reforestation and afforestation) to achieve Net Zero in 2040.

Consequently, we will no longer systematically offset our parcel delivery emissions to be carbon neutral. This will take effect from 1 January 2024.


We are working hard to provide real solutions towards reducing carbon emissions in the delivery journey.

For example, we are moving to electric vehicles, alternative truck fuels such as HVO and electric, and renewable energy at our sites.  In 2023, we had around 8,000 low emission vehicles on the road, 80% renewable electricity use at our sites, and 100+ European cities served by fully low emission fleets.