To make your shipping as easy as possible, we have compiled all the important details, valuable tips and useful tools .

Maximal dimensions

Your parcel can weigh up to 31.5 kg and the maximum sizes are 80 (l) x 40 (w) x 40 (h) cm.

Packing tips

Easy and secure shipping thanks to our packing tips.

Quick tips for secure packaging

  1. Make sure the product is completely packed

  2. Use sufficient packaging inside to make sure the parcel is shock-resistant
  3. The parcel must be able to withstand a diagonal drop test from a height of 80 cm
  4. Outer packaging is sturdy enough for the weight of the contents and is sealed with tape. Also think of good inner packaging

  5. For liquids, bottles, earthenware, buckets, cans and glass: always contact [email protected] first

Monitor all your shipments

With DPD Shipping Report you have a complete overview of your current shipments and your shipping history. DPD Shipping Report has various components. It contains all the information you need about your parcels. The information is always up-to-date.


DPD Shipping Report gives you all the information we hold about you and your shipments at all times. Wherever you are and whenever it suits you, you’ll always have your details at your fingertips.

DPD Quality

Insight into your lead times, exceptions and the status of parcels from any period. You can also export them to work with yourself.


Insight into parcels where you once made a change, allowing you to easily make adjustments in your own systems. And an overview of all parcels that have been returned to you.

My profile

Simply set up an e-mail notification so that we can let you know when there’s a problem with a parcel.