22. September 2022 | Background

Beri & Jasmine on Tour: Our new depot in Berne

A few years ago, we started searching for a larger and more suitable location for a new depot in the Berne region. The main difficulty was finding enough space to make the move worthwhile and to handle the growing volume of parcels. AND we were successful in finding a suitable location. But before we start comparing the old depot with the new depot, there is something that we want to find out about: 😜

Beri and Jasmine visit the colleagues in Berne and look closely to see whether they are really slower than the colleagues in Buchs ZH, for example. We have found an exciting article:

‘The Bernese are slow,’ they say. But is that true? In Berne people speak more slowly than in the rest of Switzerland. 3.8 kilometres per hour. This is how fast – or rather slowly – the average Bernese runs through their city centre. This is at least shown by a quasi-scientific study published in 2007 by the English psychologist Robert Wiseman. Unlike other city dwellers, the people of Berne virtually sneak to their destination.

Source: https://flash.bekb.ch/0416/berner-sind-langsam

Fun aside, we have the following three facts for you about our old depot in Berne:


  1. Around 80 drivers and around 90 tours in the peak season

  2. Since June 2022, 11 of our own drivers have been supplying the Bernese Oberland (highlands)

  3. An average of 8,000 to 15,000 parcels per day


Beri and Jasmine take a closer look at the move and the two depots and report back with some exciting insights:

We were warmly welcomed by Renato Boccella. He has been depot manager in Berne for around a year; before that he was responsible for the depot in Giubiasco for many years. We immediately notice how friendly and open he is when communicating and interacting with his team and drivers. His move to German-speaking Switzerland also presented a number of challenges, as there was a lot to be done at the depot in Berne:


  1. Bringing order to processes and making more efficient use of the existing infrastructure

  2. Improving quality and, in particular, strengthening the motivation of the entire team

  3. Intensifying cooperation and management of employees and drivers

And, as if that were not enough, dealing with the change of location, too. Such a move is always a challenge, especially if operations have to be continued. Thanks to a good project team and careful and well-thought-out organisation, the entire move took place on the agreed date of 12 September 2022 to the new depot on the other side of the city. Here are some impressions from our opening party at the new location:


   What are the advantages of the new location?

  1. More space for everyone and everything as well as a better overview

  2. New infrastructure (sorting machine, sanitary facilities, etc.)

  3. Three fully automated ramps, i.e. parcels are automatically scanned, weighed and measured

  4. Presorting possible for all tours

  5. Processes better, as individual entries and exits are possible

  6. More motivation for all employees

  7. PLUS: 18 new electric vehicles for delivery to the city of Berne


With a better infrastructure, like the one in the new depot in Berne, everything will be better, more efficient and faster. We at DPD and Renato in particular are convinced of this.

With the process improvements brought about by presorting, the individual entry and exit options, the new conveyor system with LED signage on the ceiling, the fully automated ramps and the entire space, this will be possible.

And, as always, the video of Beri & Jasmine on tour at the two depots in Berne with exciting facts is a must: 😉

By the way: Jasmine is not from Berne, but she also walks slowly and is excellent at strolling and ambling!

With warm regards,
Beri & Jasmine