22. March 2021 | Security

Beware of scam attempts

Only reply to emails sent by DPD France

Some fraudulent tracking emails sometimes reach our customers. Be careful about the sender's address and do not click on the links of an email you do not know the origin. Emails sent by DPD France end with @dpd.fr, @information.dpd.fr, @mail.dpd.fr or @network.pickup.fr. Any other termination of the originating address indicates that it is not a DPD France email.
We never ask our customers to pay remotely and we do not ask for any credit card number.
If you suspect a suspicious message, do not hesitate to inquire and report this scam via these links:


Be careful when receiving an SMS

Our customers have received fraudulent SMS messages about the delivery of their packages.
How to recognize an SMS from DPD France?
The parcel number or the sender's name (or the name of DPD France) is indicated in the SMS.
DPD France notifications do not contain a telephone number asking you to call back the number indicated.
And always ask yourself the question: am I expecting a parcel?


Do not call back premium rate numbers

Some phone messages have been received by our customers asking them to call back a premium rate number.
This number is not our Customer Service number.
The number of the DPD France Customer Service is 09 70 80 85 66 (not surcharged).
The numbers offered on the Internet or telephone services, whose call is charged per minute, do not correspond to the official number of DPD France.


Do not share your login details

As a sending customer, never give your DPD France account number and your identifiers to anyone, they are strictly confidential. Some customers have been contacted by telephone by individuals claiming to be from DPD France to obtain a DPD France account number and login details. Never give this information, it is strictly confidential and personal.